Our Golf Professionals

Chris Crenshaw, Certified PGA
Head Golf Professional

Chris grew up in a golfing family where a passion for the game was instilled early on. When it was time to decide what career path to pursue, he couldn’t imagine life without being around the game he loved. For the last sixteen years, Chris made it his goal to learn as much about golf business as he could. One of his biggest passions is teaching the game. He had the opportunity to learn from great teachers like Chuck Cook and seeing him first hand understood what it takes to play golf at the highest level. Chris is a big believer that not everyone thinks and communicates the same way and it is important to adapt to a student’s learning style and physical capabilities. He uses a variety of methods from video analysis, launch monitors, teaching aids, and drills to help a student improve. Chris loves helping people improve and enjoy the game more. Chris previously worked at Seawane Country Club in New York and Barton Creek Country Club in Austin, TX and is a University of Texas Alum. Chris is currently a Callaway staff member. To book a lesson with Chris email chris.crenshaw@stgeorgesgolf.com to check on availability