6 Compelling Reasons to Join a Private Golf Club

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6 Compelling Reasons to Join a Private Golf Club

If you are a golf enthusiast, one of the best ways to invest in your passion is to join a golf club. Perhaps you've considered joining a club before but weren't sure whether it was the right choice for you. If so, read on. After learning these six reasons to join a private golf club, you'll be ready to sign up today.

1. It May Make Good Financial Sense to Join

Yes, upfront, a golf club may seem like a large investment. Consider, however, how much it costs you to play at other courses.

If you play at a public course, you must shell out cash every time you play. After just a few rounds, that amount adds up. Your choices are to pay the fee each time or to limit your golf days.

What if you could make the pay-or-not-golf debate irrelevant to your life? By joining a golf club, you can. Become a member, and you'll no longer have to turn over cash each time you arrive at the course.

Even better, you may find that you aren't necessarily paying more than you were before. Avid golfers can easily shell out hundreds of dollars each month to play at a public course. It's possible that you could get a club membership for a similar cost.

Plus, with membership, you get not only greens access but also so many more benefits. That makes a golf club a much better use of your money.

2. You Have Access to Talented Golf Professionals

Have you ever wanted to improve your golf game? Of course! If you enjoy the game at all, then doing your best to get better at it just makes sense.

Membership at a private golf club can be your ticket to becoming a better player. Clubs hire golf professionals to oversee golfing activities and provide private lessons for the members.

Not just anyone can become a PGA-certified golf professional. To receive this distinction, candidates must take a series of courses and participate in an apprenticeship program. Watch the video below to learn about the rigors of becoming a certified professional:

In other words, you can have confidence that the certified golf pros at the club you are considering have what it takes to help you with your game.

3. You Can Play on a Quality Course

There's no doubt that the folks who run private golf clubs care about golf. That might seem obvious, but it has significant implications for you as a potential member who loves the game.

One of the best reasons to join a private golf club is that the facility likely invests considerable time, attention and money in their course. The golf course is the backbone of the club, so having a top-quality course is essential for business.

Furthermore, a golf club boasts a very pro-golf atmosphere. From the pro shop to the practice areas, there should be no doubt that this is a place where golf is prized, and that focus can increase your desire to play and your love for the game.

4. Golf Clubs Improve Your Social Life

For some people, golf is life. They could play it day in and day out with no qualms. However, those who are not as inclined to golf 24-7 may be reluctant to commit to club membership out of fear that they won't spend enough time at the club.

Once you learn what all a private golf club has to offer, you'll realize that there is plenty to do other than just play golf. Social activities are a big part of many clubs.

There may be men's, women's and mixed events. Some are focused primarily on golf while others are more about getting together and having a good time. Clubs usually have a social committee that makes plans, and they put out a schedule of events so you can plan ahead for participating in the activities that interest you.

With a private golf club membership, you can say farewell to boring evenings and weekends at home. Membership means that there will always be a new activity to look forward to.

5. Family Camaraderie Gives You a Sense of Belonging

Along with a host of activities comes new relationships. Membership gives you admission to a new social circle; it's a feeling of being in the "in-crowd." Let's face it: When you bring guests to the club, you'll have the opportunity to show off your new status as one of the club family.

Additionally, the more that you golf at the course that you have joined, the more that you will get to know the other members. Did you know that enjoying the people you see on the golf course can actually improve your game? It increases your love of the sport, which is a characteristic that almost all top golfers share.

6. You Can Take Advantage of All That the Clubhouse Has to Offer

A good golf club is about more than just the course. Most have additional facilities, the most important of which is sometimes the clubhouse.

Clubhouse amenities vary, but they sometimes include:

  • A bar

  • A restaurant

  • A snack shop

  • Locker rooms

  • A pro shop

  • Meeting rooms

At a private golf club, the clubhouse usually has a well-kept appearance and pleasant atmosphere that make this a place where you want to spend time. You do not even have to be golfing that day to enjoy it. To take full advantage of your membership privileges, stop in anytime for a meal or a drink.

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