17th   9:30AM SG      Sat            Men’s Opening Tournament
18th   9:30AM SG     Sun            Men’s Opening Rain date
27th – May 1                                 Governor’s Cup Qualifying (qualify one of these days)
2nd – 8th                                         Governor’s Cup Round 1
9th – 15th                                        Governor’s Cup Round 2
13th – 1:00 PM SG Thurs          Beefsteak #1
16th – 22nd                                    Governor’s Cup Round 3
23rd – 30th                                     Governor’s Cup Final
29th   2:00 SG          Sat              Battle of the Sexes– Couples Tournament
31st   2:00 SG          Mon             Battle of the Sexes– Couples Tournament Rain Date
3rd – 5th                   Fri - Sun      Dragon Qualifying (Qualify one of these days)
10th  1:00PM SG     Thurs          Cigar Night 
12th  9:00 AM TT     Sat             Dragon Round 1
13th   9:00 AM TT    Sun             Dragon Round 2
16th  5:00 PM          Wed             Junior Membership 9 Hole Mixer
18th  5:00 PM           Fri                Drive, Chip and Putt BBQ
19th   9:00 AM TT   Sat                Dragon Round 3
20th   9:00 AM TT   Sun              Dragon Round 4
26th   9:00 AM TT   Sat                Dragon Final
27th    9:00 AM TT   Sun               Dragon Final Rain Date
3rd     2:00PM SG      Sat              Mixed Event – 4th of July Couples tournament
4th     2:00PM SG      Sun             Mixed Event Rain Date -4th of July Couples tournament
9th   5:00 PM              Fri               Member/Member Cocktail Party/Pari-mutuel                  
10th    9:00 AM  SG   Sat             Member/Member  
11th    9:00 AM  SG   Sun            Member/Member
17th   Anytime          Sat              Shootout Qualifier
18th   2:00 PM            Sun            Shootout
21st    5:00 PM           Wed           Junior Membership 9 Hole Mixer
24th    9:00 AM TT    Sat               Masters Championship Qualifying (Champ Flight Only)
25th    9:00 AM TT    Sun              Master Championship Round 1
31st    9:00 AM TT    Sat                Masters Championship Round 2
1st  9:00 AM TT         Sat                Masters Final
1st  9:00 AM TT         Sat               Junior Club Championship
5th 1:00  PM SG       Thurs            Beefsteak #2
7th  9:00 AM TT         Sun              Masters Final Rain Date
12th   All Day              Thurs          Two Day Member/ Guest Practice & Welcome Party
13th  9:00AM SG        Fri                Member/Guest – 27 holes
14th  9:00AM SG        Sat               Member/Guest – 18 holes
15th 9:00AM SG         Sun              Member/Guest – 18 holes Rain Date
4th    1:30PM              Sat              Labor Day Couples
5th    1:30PM              Sat              Labor Day Couples Rain Date
9th    1:00 PM             Thurs         Club Charity Event
11th 9:00AM TT          Sat            Club Championship Qualifying (Championship Flight)    
12th 9:00AM TT          Sun           Club Championship Qualifying (Championship Flight)    
16th 1:00PM SG         Thurs        Cigar Night #2 - Free Guest Day
18th  9:00AM TT         Sat             Club Championship Round 1 (All Flights)
19th 9:00AM TT          Sun            Club Championship Round 2 (All Flights)
25th  9:00AM TT         Sat             Club Championship Round 3  (All Flights)
26th  9:00AM TT         Sun            Club Championship Final – Awards Cocktail Party
30th  1:00PM SG        Thurs         Beefsteak #3 – Winters Family Fundraiser for Autism
2nd  9:00 AM TT        Sat               Club Championship Final Rain Date
3rd   1:00 PM SG        Sat              Husband and Wife
9th  9:30AM SG          Sat               Men’s Closing Tournament
10th 9:30AM SG        Sun              Men’s Closing Rain date
30th  9:30AM TT        Sat               Cross – Country Tournament
31st  9:30 AM TT       Sat               Cross – Country Tournament Rain Date
The following is a brief summary of our tournaments for 2021. We hope to familiarize our members with a general description of every tournament. We will save the specifics for each event as they present during the year. We encourage everyone to participate, try different formats, make new friends and friendly foes, win Pro Shop credits, beautiful trophies and experience the fun and excitement of a St. George Tournament.
The Championship Flight consists of a 18 hole medal play qualifier with the top fifteen along with our defending champ ( Billie Phillips) competing in 4 rounds of match play with a 36 hole final. The other flights will play 3 rounds of match play in flights based on handicap index. Flight winners and low medalist in the championship qualifying receive a trophy.Please note, anyone that is less than an 8.0 index must play in the Championship division.
The Governors Cup is an individual match play tournament. Participants have the option of qualifying on one of five days with the 15 low net scores of stroke play along with the defending champ competing in 4 rounds of match play. Qualifying is at 95% handicap and match play is at 100% handicap. The winner receives the Governor’s Cup and shop credit.
The Dragon is a 2 - man team match play tournament. Teams have the option of qualifying on one of three days with the low 31 net scores based on best ball stroke play along with the defending champs competing in 5 rounds of match play. Qualifying is at 85% handicap and match play is at 90% handicap. Winners take home the coveted “Green Jacket”.
Probably our most popular event, the Member/Member consists of flights with six 2 man teams. Each team will play 5 nine hole matches against the opposing teams in their flight. The first day has 3 nine hole matches, the second day has 2. There is also a “skins competition” covering the first 18 holes and last 18 holes. Note: 50% of the pot will go towards gross skins. We will also have a pari-mutuel this year.
This is our most lavish event, and one we hope to make better than ever. The pre – tournament day offers members and their guests an extra round of golf to acquaint and reacquaint everyone with the course and old friends. Members and their guests will play as partners in flights of six two man teams with 3 nine hole matches on the first day and 2 nine hole matches on the second. We also have a “skins competition”. Note: 50% of the pot will go towards gross skins. 

A great way to start the season, we have 4 man teams randomly selected with A-B-C-D players competing in a scramble format. There are prizes for the top teams, closest to the pin on the par 3’s and for the long drives.
A great way to finish the season, we have 4 man teams randomly selected with A-B-C-D players competing in a stableford best – ball format. Every bogey, par, birdie, eagle etc. has a point value. The team with most points, wins! There are prizes for the top teams and closet to the pin on the par 3’s.
Formerly called the Senior Championship, the Masters consists of 3 rounds of match play. This year we will have a qualifier for the Championship Flight,  Each competitor will play in flights of four based on handicap index. Flight winners receive a trophy.
The Men’s Beefsteaks consist of foursomes where members form their own teams. They are welcome to bring up to three guests per foursome. It’s a shotgun afternoon start with prizes to the top teams followed by a delicious “beefsteak dinner”. This year we hope to vary the formats.
This is our most hedonistic event and the best deal in town. If you bring a guest to Cigar Night, he plays for free that afternoon. The format is the same for the Beefsteaks, followed by a spectacular multi – course dinner and an open bar
 Simply put, the low 10 net qualifiers in the morning will compete in a 9 hole “shootout” in the afternoon, eliminating one player each hole. When a tie score occurs, a putt or chip off will determine the winner of the hole. Prizes to first and second place.
Make your own threesome and sign up with one of our Professional Staff. Play as a team with a low net/ low gross score for each hole. You may do this with each of our Pros, and as often as you like. Three winning teams (one with each Pro) compete for the championship at the end of the season.
This is our last event where 2 man teams compete in a 9 hole match with an alternative shot format. What makes this one different is that the holes literally cover a “Cross Country” such as hitting from the sixth tee to the seventh green. Prizes to the top teams.
Every Tuesday at 1:00 there is a randomly drawn shotgun tournament with a low-key best ball team format for any member interested.  Afterwards prizes for first and second place are distributed at the “Happy Hour Hors D’oeuvres” in the Grill Room.  To participate just notify the Pro Shop and you will be place on the notification list.  It is a great way to meet different members.
We look forward to an exciting and entertaining season. There is something for everyone and we hope all members will join in the fun. We will send future emails and notifications with specific details at the appropriate times. Finally, I wish to thank my Tournament Committee members for their time, effort and wisdom.
                                                                                    Jim Weimar
                                                                                    Tournament Chairman